On 19th February 2018, Jakarta Post visited SMPK 5 Penabur. Ms. Agnes, one of the people who visited SMPK 5 Penabur explained about writing. We learned about writing for a day.

She taught us about the difference between soft and hard news. She also told us that being a journalist and writing are fun. The process of making a newspaper takes 7 hours according to her. “The first paragraph is the hardest part to write about,” She said.

According to Ms. Agnes, SMPK 5 Penabur students are really active. “I didn’t expect that you guys asked a lot of questions,” Said Ms. Agnes, astonished. She’s proud of her work, she also explained why writing can make her relax. “It makes me happy,” She squealed.

Her favorite topic is about complicated article. “I love complicated articles, hard in the beginning but easy for the rest,” She explained. She told us that complicated article is fun to write about. She has been working for three years. She told us that she’s been interested in writing since she was in primary school. She is currently working as a foreign affairs journalist and she used to write about traffic and flood.

We had the time where we have to make our own article for an hour or so. A group interviewed interns who were helping our P.E teacher. At the end of the activity Ms. Agnes told us to read our articles, She also pointed out the mistakes since we’re pretty new to this. We also received our certificates at the end.


Abigail Alexandra SMPK 5 Penabur